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seems to be holding his support where it counts. this is the great state of pennsylvania. if the romney team could have play, itylvania and playin would have been a lot of possibilities. pennsylvania is looking a lot more difficult. it is just not happening for the romney campaign. it comes back to what appeared to be their big hope. you in 2008 it was a 15. advantage for john mccain. the polls that we see coming out of pennsylvania show their bromley is not doing any better. in some polls, he is doing worse. he is making very little progress. the state is looking very similar in terms of the demographics and how they translate into political support. the same thing applies to the geographical distribution. it is stephanie looking like brigitte is that you're looking like an advantage for obama in pat -- is definitely looking like an advantage for obama in pennsylvania. the look at the geographical pattern of the vote, 40 4% of the vote -- 44%, there's not going on for romney. they thought they could do it in wisconsin. the problem is it is twofold. if you look at the level of demograph
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1